Thanks for taking the time to read this important explanation of how TNNM is working this year.



Here's How it Goes:

1. Submit your submission form here one month before the concert date if you want to program a piece. Pieces submitted must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes, and each composer is limited to one piece per concert.  (You have until two weeks before the concert date to submit performer information.)

2. Submit your photo + bio here (you only have to do this once per season) one month before the concert.

3. Fill out the stage diagram here and put it into Ben's mailbox in the Jordan Hall basement no later than three weeks before the concert date. 

Concerts are limited to 90 minutes of music based on order of application. All applications over the initial 90 minutes will be rolled over automatically to the next concert date - you don't have to submit a second application. 

Pieces with large percussion requirements (like timpani and marimba) can only be accepted for Brown Hall concerts. 

Two weeks before the concert, we will send out a dress rehearsal signup sheet to those composers on the program. Dress rehearsals happen from 3:30 – 5:45 pm on the day of the concert (in the same hall as the concert). Please be courteous and off the stage by the time the next rehearsal slot starts. 



When you program a piece, your photo and bio will go up on this website and will link back to your personal website if you have one. This is great because we're doing lots of SEO stuff on this site, enabling you to have a boost up in your presence as a composer on the interwebs. 

The press releases won't just be sent out to the Boston Globe, but also sent out via press release services on the internet that attract online news audiences. This again is great because it boosts your online presence and we may have reporters attending our concerts. 



Before the Concert:

Share our Facebook event on your page and invite your friends to like our Facebook page! Facebook's algorithms are such that once we get above a few hundred likes, facebook will help our posts become visible to people it thinks would be interested in new music concerts. 

Schedule more rehearsal time than you think you'll need.  Well prepared = great performance, and the recording of that performance is one of the best things that you'll get from TNNM. 

Concert Day: 

Make sure your performers know what to wear! 

Make sure your performers know to acknowledge you after they are done playing. Stand up and take a good bow. 

Whether or not you've got a piece on the concert, stay for the whole concert (obviously).

The visual artist who designed the poster will be attending! Please say hello and help them feel welcome. 



The grant provided enough money to buy some really great food for our afterparties, so please plan to stay after and socialize outside the hall with yummy foodstuffs and interesting personages. 

The performance recordings will go up on this website so that more people can hear your music! 

Thank you ahead of time for a wonderful season, 

—Ben & Josh