Thanks for taking the time to read this important explanation of how TNNM is working this year.

Note: we have updated this page slightly for the 2019-2020 concert season.



Here's How it Goes:

  1. Submit your submission form here three weeks before the concert date on which you want to program a piece. Pieces submitted must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes, and each composer is limited to one piece per concert.

  2. Late submissions will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, logistics permitting.

  3. You have until two weeks before the concert date to submit performer information and program notes. Submissions failing to meet this deadline are subject to removal from the concert.

  4. Fill out a stage diagram here and email it to no later than two weeks before the concert date.

  5. Concerts are limited to 90 minutes of music. If more than 90 minutes’ worth of music is submitted, pieces will be selected based on order of submission, and remaining music will be rolled over automatically to the next concert date.

  6. Pieces with large percussion requirements (like timpani and marimba) and/or other spatial considerations may be restricted to concerts in venues that can accommodate larger setups.



  • One to two weeks before the concert you will receive a draft of the program. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your piece’s information (performers’ names, program notes, etc.).

  • Two weeks before the concert, we will send out a dress rehearsal signup sheet to those composers on the program. Dress rehearsals happen from 3:30 – 5:30 pm on the day of the concert (in the same hall as the concert). Please be courteous and move off the stage by the time the next rehearsal slot starts.

  • Official TNNM posters will be posted one week before the concert. Questions or suggestions about posters can be emailed to

  • Recordings will be obtained from Audio-Visual Services after the concert. If receipt of your recording is time-sensitive (e.g., for applying to a competition or festival), let us know as far in advance as possible (

  • Any other questions, comments, or lamentations can be directed to Charlie has enough on his plate already and will be happy not to have to forward your query to us.



Before the Concert:

Share our Facebook event on your page and invite your friends to like our Facebook page! Facebook's algorithms are such that once we get above a few hundred likes, facebook will help our posts become visible to people it thinks would be interested in new music concerts. 

Schedule more rehearsal time than you think you'll need.  Well prepared = great performance, and the recording of that performance is one of the best things that you'll get from TNNM. 

Concert Day: 

Make sure your performers know what to wear! 

Make sure your performers know to acknowledge you after they are done playing. Stand up and take a good bow. 

Whether or not you've got a piece on the concert, stay for the whole concert (obviously).